What do SCS teachers think of the grading scandal?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  An Academic Performance Committee meeting for Shelby County Schools is scheduled for Tuesday, but it is not clear if some school’s use of a so-called “grade floor” will be discussed.

It all came to light when WREG began reporting on a possible “grade fixing” scandal at Kingsbury High School.

A recent statement from Shelby County Schools admitted to grading practices not listed in the district’s policy. They said by giving students a “higher failing grade”, they have an opportunity to work hard and improve their overall grade percentage.”

One school board member we spoke with said there are no set rules when it comes to giving principles the authority to establish grading practices.

“We don’t really have a policy and certain principles have the autonomy to establish certain processes and procedures. Maybe we as a board need to look at whether there should be something mandatory around it.”

So what do teachers think about all this?

Keith Williams, the president of the Memphis Shelby County Education Association, answers that question on WREG’s Live at 9.

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