WREG looks at your rights to carry a gun

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — WREG takes at look at your rights if you feel you're in danger and you are armed.

But within that right you have responsibility, and there are some limitations.

"You have a right in the state of Tennessee to defend yourself and protect yourself," Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich said.

D. A. Weirich says you have a right to have a gun if you have a permit.

"You have to have a permit to walk around out in the streets with a gun. You don't have to have a permit inside of your home. But if you're a convicted felon or you have a domestic violence conviction, you're not allowed to have a gun in either of those places."

So if you're out in a shopping center parking lot Weirich says you have a right to defend yourself, but remember every case is different.

"There's no formula of, 'well if this happened then that's okay. If this didn't happen then that's okay.' We have to look to all of the facts and circumstances."

And did the person reasonably believe given those facts and circumstances their life was truly in danger?

One thing to keep in mind is it has to be you or someone close to you in the danger.

"You can't shoot and kill somebody because they're breaking into your car. It's defense of yourself, other people around you and family. But defense of property, no."

This is the same in Mississippi too.

John Champion, District Attorney for several northern Mississippi counties, told us you are allowed to use your gun to defend yourself if you feel you're at risk for imminent bodily injury or death.

As far as more people carrying more guns goes D. A. Weirich could not speak to that, but said the big issue is vehicles being broken into and guns stolen.

So if you can lawfully carry a gun they ask that you secure it.

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