Westwood woman working to restore neighborhood, halt crime

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman said she’s fed up with crime in her Westwood neighborhood, and she has a message for the people causing the unsafe feeling.

Delores T. Malone has lived in the house in the Westwood neighborhood for more than 40 years, but she said much has changed in those four decades. There is now a fence and locks to keep the crime out, but Malone said that’s still not enough.

“Neighbors are afraid to speak up and speak out about it, but I’m a witness, and I will speak because it’s wrong what mess is going on in a nice neighborhood,” Malone said.

Malone raised her children in the Westwood home after she bought the house for her mother, but things have changed.

Malone said she’s been the victim of theft, vandalism and other crimes recently.

“They steal your keys,” Malone said. “They jump over your fence, jump from the back. It is wrong.”

A fence and additional locks provide her some security but not peace of mind. To get that peace, she wants to get to the root of this crime problem.

“Because my observation, these older guys will pull at the young people in your community that may be quiet, don’t have a lot of friends and talking about, ‘We’re going to be your partners. We’re going to help you,’ and have them doing wrong things,” Malone said.

Crime reports show police have been called to the community 70 times in the past three months. Just Thursday, a man was shot nearby, but Malone refused to abandon her family home.

“Once I thought about moving, I said why move to another neighborhood, Collierville or Cordova or wherever, when stuff is going to their neighborhood,” she said.

Instead, she will speak up and hope others join in her fight to get the neighborhood back to what it once was.

“It is wrong, and I’m hoping and praying that God will have someone come and do something about this,” Malone said.

Malone is hoping to get police and her neighbors more involved to hopefully deter some of the crime.

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