Westin Reservations Cancelled To Make Room For NBA Players

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(Memphis) Several customers in the Westin Hotel on Beale Street had their reservations cancelled just days before their trip to Memphis.

Now, everything is booked and they have nowhere to go.

The Westin Hotel downtown is completely full this weekend.

Regena Barker was smart enough to book her reservations back in December, but it didn’t seem to matter after she received an email this week letting her know that her reservation had been cancelled.

“We are extremely, extremely upset that hotel would only notify us two days before we were supposed to arrive,” said Barker who would have been traveling from Chicago, IL.

Barker planned to meet her family in Memphis for a reunion, something they’ve done for the last six years, staying every time at the Westin,.

The busy weekend has left no hotels available anywhere around Memphis.

The closest hotel to fit her family, Barker says, is an hour away.

“Oh my God,” said Barker. “You can’t imagine [how frustrated I am]. I have been on the phone with [the Westin] all day trying to get the issue resolved.”

A spokesperson for the hotel claims they’re working to find hotels for all the guests who got bumped, but she couldn’t tell me how many.

The hotel says it’s a busy weekend from the Sunset Symphony to Paul McCartney.

The problem came when the Grizzlies made it into the Western Conference Finals.

Westin hotel has an agreement with the NBA to create space for traveling teams.

Barker says the hotel should have planned better because now her family is left sacrificing, “I guess because we don’t have as much money as the San Antonio Spurs, we get bumped.”

Barker is considering all other options right now to find a place to stay. she doesn’t know if her family is even going to make the trip.

She is disappointed because she even has tickets to the Grizzlies game Saturday.

A spokesperson at the Tennessee Attorney Generals office said they did not know if the cancellations were legal. Those affected are encouraged to file a complaint with the AG.

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