6-month-old Arkansas girl abducted by parents found safe across state


WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — A 6-month-old girl who police said was abducted by her parents at a Department of Human Services office Tuesday was found safe on the other side of the state.

Majesty McClanton was abducted by her parents, Rodney McClanton and Miracle Auimatagi, from the West Memphis DHS office during a supervised visit. West Memphis police put out an AMBER Alert for Majesty around 3 p.m.

The girl’s grandmother, Michelle Clark, said she received custody of Majesty on Monday and took her for her first supervised visit with her parents Tuesday morning, but wasn’t present when her parents are accused of abducting her.

She declined to say why McClanton and Auimatagi lost custody of their daughter, but said she hadn’t been physically harmed.

“She’s never been harmed, ever. She’s a beautiful happy baby. Never been harmed,” Clark said.

Police said around 5 p.m. that Majesty was found by sheriff’s deputies in Johnson County, Arkansas, on Interstate 40, which is on the other side of the state from West Memphis.

The 6-month-old girl is safe.

“I’m very relieved, I’m very relieved to know that she’s okay and my son is okay. I was worried about him just as well,” said Clark.

Rodney McClanton and Miracle Auimatagi were arrested for interference with court-ordered custody and their daughter was taken into DHS custody.

WREG asked DHS how McClanton and Auimatagi were able to walk out of a DHS office with their daughter.

The agency said it isn’t legally allowed to discuss specific cases, but said that, “If a parent says they plan to take the child, our staff will try to deescalate the situation and persuade the parents not to do that — if there is time.”

From left to right: 6-month-old Majesty McClanton, father Rodney McClanton, mother Miracle Auimatagi.

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