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WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — A special moment was captured by a stranger in West Memphis, Arkansas. Jim Flanders, who said he was visiting the Memphis/West Memphis area on vacation, pulled over on Broadway Wednesday afternoon when he saw police helping a child fix his bike chain. He sent us the pictures, saying the kid had a big smile on his face and it seemed to have made his day. The officers told WREG it’s just part of the job. “Just another just another day on the job. It’s not something you think about it. You just do it,” Officer Brad Williams said. “When you see a kid needing some help fixing his bike, it’s just part of what we do,” Officer Cody Gross said. “Pull over and help them and go on about our day.” The officers say they tried to help the child with his tires on the bike too, but he took off. They don’t know who he is.