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WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. – West Memphis city leaders are considering the idea of a drive-in movie theater for the city.

In a time of social distancing, most of the places we would go for entertainment are closed.

“We were at the office strategizing on what can we do to continue movement because COVID-19 and definitely not slowing us down,” said Mayor Marco McClendon. “So, we saying, what can we do stay keep up again? You want something to be excited about for the future.”

That thinking led to the mayor’s Facebook post asking for input on a drive-thru movie theater.

McClendon says it’s an inexpensive and safe way to bring families together during this pandemic.

“Personally, I see the movie theater first giving entertainment to our people, bringing families closer together, bringing a husband and wife date nights, you know,” McClendon said. “It’d be a place you can’t drop off your kids or kids running rapid. It’d be safe to pretty much in your cars.”

Currently, there’s no movie theater in West Memphis. So, the city sees this as a huge opportunity.

“You’ve got Malco right across the bridge,” McClendon said. “So, we’re going to see how we can marry the two and see what type of city incentive you can throw in to make this happen because it could be a reality.”

It’s a chance to continue the winning streak.

“It don’t take millions and millions of dollars to make this happen. It takes land, it takes the most up-to-date movies, and I think people can continue to come out and support it,” McClendon said.

The mayor says he will meet the economic development department Monday and start conversations with movie owners in the Memphis area as first steps.