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SAN FRANCISCO — The San Francisco Dungeon Theater says it’s going to host several Rat Cafe experiences this summer.

It’s part theater enhancement and part animal rescue.

Guests will get coffee, a snack and the chance to play with rats.

Ambassador rats will be taken to each table to get to know those who may or may not have ever seen a rat up close, much less ever touched one.

“It’s a story that we tell here at the dungeon, and we wanted to combine that story of plague and rats with something new and exciting, and we thought what better way than to experience rats in person with some coffee and a danish before they see the dungeon show in person,” said Matthew Gunter, the San Francisco Dungeon Performance Supervisor.

The rats are provided by the Rattie Ratz of Northern California, a rescue organization dedicated to finding a home for wayward rats.

They want to help spread the message that domestic rats make great pets.

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