Weekend lightning sparks house fires in Memphis


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Thunderstorms and tornadic activity caused massive damage all across the Mid-South over the weekend, including numerous homes that caught fire after being struck by lightning.

Memphis Fire was quite busy over weekend, despite the heavy rains and thunderstorms. Two houses in the same neighborhood were struck by lightning as the storms rolled in.

No one was injured, but now the three families said they have to rebuild their homes.

“I just remember it was a really loud boom!,” an area resident said.

When the clouds parted, the Memphis Fire Department said they determine three houses fires were caused when the homes were struck by lightning. A home in North Memphis was hit first, right before midnight on Saturday night, just hours before a home on Cully Road in Cordova was struck.

Then a house in the same neighborhood got hit last around 5:54 on Sunday morning.

Memphis Fire saod there were no civilian or firefighter injuries.

“I’m just really glad that no one was hurt! It was really loud, so I can only imagine the amount of damage that was done,” an area resident said.

MFD estimated more than $158,000 worth of damages between the three fires. It also took 85 firefighters to put out the fires.

Homeowners affected by the fires understandably didn’t want to speak on-camera after dealing with a natural disaster, and everyone we did speak with was relieved the severe weather has passed.

The National Weather Service said being inside a home is still safest during severe weather. They use the phrase, “when thunder roars” go indoors.

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