Week before Super Bowl is a popular time to buy TVs

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NEW YORK — The week before the Super Bowl is a very popular time of year to buy a new TV and prices always drop before the big game. TV buying options seem to be endless, from 8K to OLED and plenty of high-tech models in between.

David Katzmaier, senior editor at CNET, told CBS News it’s not always a good idea to go with the latest technology. He says 8K offers an amazing image but can cost up to three times more than a 4K TV. And it’s hard to find 8K content.

“There’s no 8K broadcasts out there, 8K streaming really hasn’t taken off yet,” he said.

Katzmaier sid the LG OLED TVs are a good option.

“So these OLED TVs, organic light emitting diode TVs, have the best picture quality on the market.”

The 77-inch LG OLED sells for around $4,300. If you want a large TV for much less, his pick for the big game is the 75-inch TCL 6-Series with a price tag of about $1,400. The smaller 55-inch sells for $500.

“This TV has very good video quality,” Katzmaier said.

If you’re waiting to buy and money is no object, there’s plenty of new tech coming soon. Samsung has micro LED, allowing customers to build their own TV with panels. One called The Wall spans a massive 292 inches.

And how about a flexible TV? LG has a model that rolls out of a small cabinet. It will be available later this year and is expected to cost a whopping $60,000.

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