‘We are going to handle it our way’: Tax advice for friends turns into shots fired in Frayser

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Frayser woman says she was trying to do the right thing and help some friends with their taxes, when everything went wrong.

Kimberly Hardison is in custody and authorities are still looking for Fletcher Ellis for aggravated assault, saying they put multiple people, and even a precious pet, in serious danger.

Marquisha Anderson says she does her own taxes, so she gave advice to her boyfriend’s friends, Hardison and Ellis. But they weren’t happy with the refund they got and called police about it. Police told them there was nothing they could do and suggested they call the IRS.

“They was like, ‘Since y’all not going to do nothing, we’ll handle it our way.’ Later on that night they did what they did to us at our home,” Anderson said.

In one of the scariest moments of her life, Anderson said she was walking in from her car when she heard shots fired.

“I turned around and saw the car, the silver Infiniti car shots were coming from,” she said. “There were two suspects shooting at me toward our house, home and vehicles. That’s when I was ducking and dodging”

She says she remembers seeing a rifle pointed out the window, and says Ellis was firing while Hardison drove.

Somehow no one was hurt, but the damage is still left behind on their cars. A bullet hole is just inches away from their pet parrot’s cage inside the home.

“It could’ve been worse or my life gone, my boyfriend’s life gone, it could’ve been my neighbor’s life gone,” she said.

There was also a food truck belonging to another family member parked nearby. The owner of San’s Concession says the incident has now affected her business.

“One of the bullets hit the refrigerator and blew out my microwave,” Sandra Fleming said. She estimated it cost her $2,500 or more, and she says she wants compensation.

Anderson wants the people who did this to realize that all she wanted was to help, and none of this was necessary.

WREG went by Hardison’s home to get her version of the story but no adults were home at the time.

Ellis is not yet in custody but does have two warrants out for his arrest.

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