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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In this segment of Watercooler Wednesday our panel discusses the hottest topics on social media.

Wednesday morning hundreds of people in Houston sought shelter inside Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church, but the megachurch recently came under fire following claims that it closed its doors to people in need.

Church officials responded by saying the building was initially inaccessible because of flooding.

“We always wanted to take people in. Our doors were open. Did it change anything? I don’t know it maybe helped us step up some things and do it faster, but you gotta get back to a safety issue first, to stay on mission, and that is taking care of people. You know we have our own pastors and staff that are being rescued. How do you get people to the building to take care of people? This is a big building, you can’t just open it up,” Pastor Osteen said.

“Maybe next time we would be a shelter before, get people housed before the storm, but nobody dreamed, even the mayor, he never dreamed he would fill up 10,000 evacuees in the big shelter down the street from us. So it’s caught a lot of us by surprise.”

Are we sometimes too quick to criticize on social media or do you think people were right to be upset?

Ride sharing for kids is now a thing across the country, helping busy parents shuttle children around town to school and other activities. One such service is called “Hop Skip Drive.” Drivers go through extensive background checks and must have at least five years experience in childcare.

Would you take advantage of the service?

And a new survey shows some grandkids secretly want to un-friend their grandparents on Facebook. One in four said loved ones post way too much about their own love, social and personal lives.

Have you ever been embarrassed by a family member online?