Water crisis in Memphis hurting families that can’t make it to water distribution sites


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tens of thousands of Memphians are now coping with the boil water advisory.

Some people are even without water right now, as repairs are made. This week, multiple water drives have been organized to help families in need. But sometimes even making it to the drive proves to be difficult for some.

With a boil water advisory in place, thousands of Memphians have lined up for water giveaways across the city. But as 67-year-old Maggie Dawkins explains, sometimes even getting to the giveaway is a challenge.

“There are people who are disabled, there are people who don’t have transportation and a lot of times when these things come about they have no recourse,” Maggie Dawkins, four time cancer survivor, said.

Apartment complexes around Memphis feeling water woes

Dawkins, says she falls in that category. She’s made it through her share of health scares.

“I am a four time cancer survivor. I depend on fresh water for my nebulizer and you know of course for other things,” Dawkins said.

Now, she is recovering from her most recent chemotherapy treatment.

“I’m still recouping and trying to get through that,” Dawkins said. “Because of my medical condition there are times when I cannot. I don’t feel safe driving myself. I don’t want to hurt myself or anyone else.”

Dawkins is one of several people who reached out to WREG. She, like many others, are unable to make it to the different water bottle drives. Now she is relying on fresh water she had leftover. 

Dawkins says in Memphis, a city known for its generosity,  it’s important we check on our neighbors and others who might need a little extra help. 

“And I’m certainly thankful that you came to let everybody know that these problems do exist,” Dawkins said. ” The city and everyone who’s reaching out to everybody who needs help. “

We were able to get Dawkins some water to get by. We also reached out to some city officials for any kind of resources to help those who are homebound. So, far we’re waiting to hear back.


Water distribution events happening this week in Memphis area

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