MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shocking video shows the moment a driver struck a bicyclist in the airport area Thursday afternoon.

Police say the hit-and-run happened on Mill Branch Road near Brooks Road. Officers responded to the scene at around 1:53 p.m.

Dashcam video captured by a witness shows a black vehicle striking a man on a bicycle as it pulled out of a parking lot. The driver and a passenger get out of the vehicle to check on the man.

The man can be seen swinging his bicycle at the driver. The driver and passenger get back into the vehicle as the man approaches them.

The vehicle can then be seen approaching the cyclist again. The man then throws his bicycle at the vehicle and strikes the vehicle with his hand.

As the man picks his bicycle up and starts leaving the scene, the vehicle drives onto the sidewalk and hits him again, sending him spiraling down to the ground. The vehicle then makes a U-turn and speeds away.

Thursday night, Memphis Police said someone had been arrested, but it wasn’t the driver.

Police say the cyclist had warrants out and has been taken into custody.

WREG spoke with the driver who captured the intense moments on his dash cam. He wishes to remain anonymous.

“He went flying through the air and her hood and windshield, and went tumbling into the street,” he said. “The next thing of course was to call 911. I was on the phone with the phone with them but basically giving them a narration of what was going on as it was unfolding in front of me.”

He wanted to make sure the cyclist got help, but that didn’t happen right away.

“He incredibly got on the bicycle and was trying to ride it away when she hit him again,” he said. “That driver needs to be caught. So that everybody is aware its a Black Audi with drive out tags and now a busted windshield on the driver side.”

Memphis Police say the cyclist was not taken to the hospital. Police are still investigating the incident.

If you know anything, call Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH.