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WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – A wild fox caused chaos on Capitol Hill this week by running around and biting people, including a reporter and a lawmaker.

“All of the sudden I kinda felt something kinda lunge at the back of my ankle-calf area,” Rep. Ami Bera, D-Calif., said. “And I kinda lunged around, looked around, thinking it’s going to be a small dog. And it was like – that’s not a dog, that’s a fox!”

It’s definitely not what the California congressman was expecting to see.

“It’s like, did that just happen?” Bera said. “Kinda looked down and there was a clear penetration of my suit leg.”

The same thing happened to reporter Ximena Bustillo on Tuesday.

“A fox nipped me in the ankle,” Bustillo said. “It felt like if a cat or small dog was to nip your ankle.”

Capitol Police spokesman Tim Barber says altogether, about half a dozen people got nipped by the fox. Ultimately, animal control was not outfoxed.

“The fox was safely captured,” Barber said.

Officials believe there was just one fox loose in the area, so the immediate risk should be over. But they say it’s too early to be certain, so it’s a good idea for anyone nearby to keep their eyes open.

“There are other traps around the area just in case there are other foxes,” Barber said.

Animal control plans to put down the aggressive fox. Both Bera and Bustillo are getting rabies shots just in case.

What the fox really left behind was shock.

“Did not think that would happen here,” Bustillo said.

“Lots of bizarre things happen on Capitol Hill. I think that was one of the strangest,” Bera added.