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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The murder suspect accidentally released from custody has been captured by authorities, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

According to Laylah Washington’s family, Tylan McCray appeared in court for a bond hearing on August 17, at which time the judge set his bond for $15 million. However, according to District Attorney Amy Weirich, “someone in the clerk’s office mistakenly entered the bond into the system as $15,000.” By the end of the day, McCray was able to post that amount and leave jail.

“I could’ve been out somewhere and spotted him or he spotted me. That’s scary with him already attempting to kill me and my other kids,” said Leslie Washington, mother of the victim.

Washington said she was so upset, she couldn’t work Wednesday, while authorities told her they were trying to correct the error.

“They told me they had TBI out looking for him,” she said. “I really was heartbroken because I felt like the justice system had failed us again.”

By Wednesday afternoon, she got the news McCray was back in custody. She said she felt relieved for her safety but did not have peace of mind.

“They need to take their jobs a little more serious, especially when you’re dealing with criminals, murderers and rapists,” she said. “I think the person needs to be reprimanded for their actions.”

WREG asked the clerk’s office about how it happened and how they’ll keep it from happening again.

A spokesperson said the matter was addressed, but when we followed up to ask how and if the employee was disciplined, they did not provide any more answers.

Questions linger after fatal shooting involving Shelby County deputy

McCray was in jail on first-degree murder, attempted murder and employment of a firearm charges in the death of two-year-old Laylah Washington. Police have said she was riding in a car with her mother, who had been in an argument with four men in a black four-door sedan.

Police said one of the passengers opened fire, and Laylah was hit in the head. She died two days later.

McCray’s cousin, 20-year-old Brandon McCray, was charged as an accessory in the case. Authorities said he was driving the sedan.