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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  WREG is getting more insight into the lawsuit former Memphis City councilwoman Wanda Halbert has filed against the Shelby County Election Commission.

Halbert lost her bid for City Court Clerk in October but she claimed the voting machines weren’t working properly.

On Tuesday, the two sides appeared before a judge.

Halbert represented herself.

She said the bottom line is she wants the Election Commission audited.

“We want an audit on both sides of the election which is the rally tapes that are accurate voting records and we also want an audit of the digital side of the election which is where some problem exists,” explained Halbert.

Halbert said she doesn’t know what that problem is, whether it was intentional or unintentional, but said that doesn’t matter.

Tuesday in court she told Judge Jim Kyle the numbers from the digital side of the election did not meet the manual tally numbers.

She claimed the discrepancy was discovered by someone in her election group.

“It showed 548 voters came to vote at a particular precinct but when we looked at the report from the Election Commission it only castes 330 votes.”

Halbert claimed the Election Commission acknowledged the mistake but wonders what happened at the rest of the precincts.

She wants the voting machines inspected by an expert.

Judge Kyle said he’s giving both sides time to find their experts to inspect the voting machines.

“I think it came out where it should which is we’re going to do this in a very orderly fashion so that everybody’s rights are protected,” said John Ryder, who represents the Election Commission.

He doesn’t think there were any problems with the election.

“We think the tabulation shows the results of this election were what they were reported to be,” said Ryder.

Halbert said this wasn’t about her losing, it’s about something bigger.

“It’s about the integrity and fairness of the election process.”

The Commission and Halbert have to have their experts ready for the judge February 5.