Voting Issues Reported When School Vote Question Doesn’t Appear

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(Shelby County, TN) The Shelby County Election Commission confirms there may have been an issue that did not allow one or more Bartlett voters the option to vote on the school referendum Monday morning.

We know of only one person who said they were unable to vote, though there have been other reports on social media and from the election commission.

The concern was at Bethel Church on Stage Road in Bartlett.

There are also complaints from Millington and now the Town of Collierville is asking people in newly annexed areas not to vote yet as they may not get the school creation question.

A news release from Collierville stated, “Richard Holden, has confirmed their attempt to include the annexation area in Collierville’s Municipal School District referendum is not working, resulting in the referendums not appearing on the ballot of these residents.”

Robert Myers is Chairman of the Shelby County Election Commission, “We’ve had reports of very few problems. I would ask voters if they have a question about the ballot they’ve been given or question about whether the machine is operating properly while they’re casting their ballots that before they press the Green Vote button to please bring any question or issues that they might have to the attention of  the election officials at that location.”

The question is whether the City should or should not raise the sales tax to create its own school district.

If you notice any errors with a ballot, do not cast your vote, leave the booth and immediately contact a poll worker.

You can contact the Shelby County Election Commission at (901) 222-1200

Alex Coleman is getting more information now on this story.

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