Voter Turnout Could Impact Pre-K Tax Vote

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(Memphis) Shelby County Elections officials say around 7,600 ballots were cast during early voting, and turnout has been light but steady the day of the election.

“I always vote. It’s important to vote,” said Leonard Ross Sr.

Ross says he never misses an election, but he was so torn on the pre-k tax that he almost didn’t vote.

He says he’s not so sure the city is really going to use the $47 million raised every year to pay for pre-k for 5,000 kids.

“We always find something’s that’s attractive to the people to get them to do what we want,” said Ross.

The advocates for the pre-k tax are assuring voters at least $30 Million of the money raised must got to pre-k and a board will be in place to make that happen.

Gertrud Scruggs believes it’s worth the risk.

“I’m going to put it in my head that I want pre-k to get it. And I don’t know how they’re going to do it,” said Scruggs.

She thinks many will not voice an opinion on the pre-k tax.

“I think right now people are disgruntled and may not come out and they’re not a lot of people on the ticket so that makes a difference,” said Gertrud.

Anti-increase advocate Kenneth Whalum says low voter turnout could hurt his side because only those impassioned for pre-k would head to the polls.

“That was their strategy, to drive down voter turnout by keeping a lid on the information,” said Whalum.

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