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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Your name, address, and political party information is all available on the Shelby County Election Commission’s website.

“I haven’t heard of that before,” Debbie Kallaher said. “I’m not sure that I’m comfortable with that.”

Kallaher walked into cast her vote on Friday feeling uneasy after WREG revealed her private information will soon be posted along with the other 27,000 early voters.

“I don’t know. There’s a lot of information here,” Kallaher said. “Just having information available for anyone to look it up and to do whatever they want with it doesn’t…it’s not a real comforting thought.”

Kallaher wanted to know, “Why is it published? Why does it need to be published?”

WREG went to the Shelby County Election Commission looking for answers.

“We put that participating voter list on the website so it’s readily available to the public and to the campaigns and candidates,” Richard Holden, Administrator of Elections for Shelby County, said.

Holden said when voters register, that information becomes available for anyone to see.

“When you provide your name and address to the government, it becomes public information,” Holden said.

Some candidates reportedly use the information to manage their mailing lists and save money.

However, Kallaher worries her personal information will fall into the wrong hands.

“I try not to put too much out there if I can help it and would like not to have other people putting it out there unless I know about it,” Kallaher said.

Voters can opt out of having their information added to the online list.

The election commission advises voters to send a signed letter requesting to be taken off the list.