Volunteers assemble wreaths for fallen officers in AZ


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ARIZONA — Volunteers donated their time and handiwork this morning, putting together wreaths to honor Arizona’s fallen officers.

“We are assembling almost 300 wreaths to honor the men and women who have been killed in the line of duty in the state of Arizona,” said Erin Morgan, coordinator of the Fallen Heroes Wreath Program in Arizona.

The program began in Philadelphia two years ago.

“Make sure that every officer in our history, going back almost 200 years, were honored,” Morgan said.

Volunteers assembled the donated wreaths and ribbons. On December 10, they will deliver them to the graves of  fallen heroes.

“They will lay the wreath, they’ll read the bio on the officer, and there will be a moment of silence before they move onto the next one,” Morgan said.

She said this program has a special meaning for her family.

“As a wife of an officer, it’s very important to me that people remember the sacrifice that these men and women make,” Morgan said.

She said the entire effort wouldn’t be possible without the help of these volunteers, who are expressing their gratitude to the brave men and women who serve and protect.

“I am part of blue line family,” said volunteer Kenna Hough. “My son is an officer, my brother is a retired officer, other family members have served, so this is one small way I can give back.”

“My goal ultimately is that no one forgets them, no matter what, no matter how long it’s been, that they’re never forgotten,” Morgan said.

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