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GLENDORA, Miss. — “Blatant, bold and disrespectful” are a few of the words being used to describe members of a white nationalist group caught recording a video in front of the Emmett Till memorial near Glendora, Mississippi.

This is the latest incident raising concerns over how to honor Till’s memory and keep the marker secure.

Members of the League of the South had barely assembled in front of the memorial marker Saturday and were delivering their white nationalist message when alarms sounded and the group quickly disbanded.

The marker is protected by a bulletproof case and a sensitive, high-tech security system.

The moment anything, be it a person, a vehicle, if there’s wildlife or anything of the sort that comes into close proximity to the marker, the surveillance immediately captures it, along with audio.

The surveillance system is designed to prevent vandalism of the new marker, dedicated on Oct. 19, replacing one that was riddled with bullet holes.

This summer three Ole Miss students were suspended for posing with guns in front of the marker.

Monday, Douglas Gordon, a Memphian who was born in the Mississippi Delta, came to pay his respects to Emmett Till.

“It’s almost like there’s a spirit that still exists here for Emmett Till and with this marker, I think that keeps it alive,” he said.

Gordon said watching the video only reinforces his concern about racial division in America.

“I think we talk about this idea that racism doesn’t exist anymore in America, but I think when this comes out it brings attention to it. This is a very real issue that we face,” he said.