Virtual or in-person? SCS parents have until Friday to decide

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shelby County School parents have until Friday to decide if their kids will return to the classroom or continue to learn from home.

Parents can make their selection on the school district’s website as to whether they want their kids to stay home or go to school. But remember Superintendent Dr. Joris Ray said those plans could change if the pandemic gets worse.

There is backup plan to keep schools closed.

As of Monday morning classrooms will reopen August 31.

In a message on Facebook, Ray said, “I’m looking forward to seeing our students return to school whether they are walking in the schools front door or sitting in their living rooms. We will be ready for our students. Coronavirus will not defeat us and will return from this stronger than ever. Have a great day.”

Every student is being provided a laptop or tablet, and access to the internet. The district is also providing parents online computer training Monday and Friday.

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