Viral video shows driver dragging carjacking suspect down street

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SEATTLE, Wa. — A carjacking suspect tries to steal an SUV in Washington state, but the driver wound up taking him for a terrifying ride.

The SUV was going down the road with the man hanging on to the door handle. At one point his pants fall down, presumably resulting in his getting road rash on his backside.

The driver stops for a second, but the suspect refused to give up. He immediately tried to force his way in again. That’s when the driver took off.

Other folks on the road weren’t sure what they were seeing.

“I thought that maybe like he p***ed off his wife or something like that and she was driving off without him.”

According to KIRO, the man allegedly tried to steal multiple cars that day including one parked about two blocks away. In that case, he punched the driver but that driver also didn’t back down.

The suspect wasn’t able to steal any of the cars, but did find his way into police custody.

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