Viral video shows confrontation between officer, teen

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WEST PHILLY — This video of a police involved physical altercation with a 16 year old girl is making the rounds on social media.

Police were responding to a huge brawl involving 30-40 people in the middle of south 54th street in West Philly on New Years Day when eyewitnesses captured this scene.

“The whole incident was just ugly…police work is not pretty this would have been a perfect example.”

Commissioner Richard Ross spoke candidly about the disturbing video saying it doesn’t tell the whole story of what may have precipitated the incident.

“You cannot see the striking portion where the female admits that she struck the officer that is not shown or depicted in the video”

16 year old Johnnaa Pendleton told us her side of the story claiming she never hit the female officer in the face. She says she was backing away when she was violently thrown to the ground and punched.

“As you see in the video…yanking my hair… At the end of the day I’m still a minor and she’s a grown woman and a cop.”

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