Vigil held for teen killed in Hickory Hill club shooting

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis teenager was remembered Monday evening after being gunned down outside a Hickory Hill nightclub early Sunday morning.

Dozens took part in a candlelight vigil outside the Truth Night Bar for 19-year-old Mauriceo Dandridge, who his father said was an aspiring fashion designer.

“I got a call at 12:50 saying my son been shot and the second call was that he was dead,” said Dandridge’s father, who asked not to be identified.

Dandridge’s father said his son doesn’t usually frequent clubs but made an exception Sunday.

“Just coming to support a friend; he was rapping,” he said.

But Dandridge never got to see that performance.

Before he could even make it inside, police said someone opened fire, killing him and wounding four other men as they were lined up outside behind the club.

“I feel like the club owner should be held responsible for anybody death ‘cause if it was in my front yard, I’d be held responsible,” Dandridge’s father said.

But club owner Christian Donovan insisted the club had nothing to do with the shooting when he spoke with WREG Sunday.

“We don’t have anything going on in the club,” Donovan said. “We make sure our patrons are very safe. We have metal detectors.”

In the minds of detectives, there’s no question where the real blame lies.

Several Memphis Police officers were at Monday’s vigil, where they urged attendees to not keep silent and call them with tips that could help them identify the shooter.

“It’ll be easier on us if the guy just turned himself in,” Dandridge’s father said. “You were big to squeeze the gun, be big to do your time, please.”

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