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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman in a mobility scooter caused a stir for drivers as she slowly careened between cars on busy Elvis Presley Boulevard and onto Interstate 55 Friday evening.

Towanna Murphy caught the incident on Facebook Live as she tried to slow down other drivers and get the woman to pull over. She said later she was scared for the woman as she recorded it.

A woman on a mobility scooter dodged traffic on Elvis Presley Boulevard and got onto the interstate Friday.

But the woman, who appears to have flowers and an oxygen tank on her scooter, kept on going through a red light at Brooks Road.

By the time she got on the ramp to I-55 north, other drivers began surrounding the woman.

A police officer was waiting for her on the interstate, but she attempted to evade the officer.

By 8:30, police at the scene strapped the scooter to the back of a squad car and drove away.

There was no word from police Friday on who the woman is or whether she might face any charges.