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OSCEOLA, Ark. — New video obtained by WREG shows what really happened inside a high school in Osceola, Arkansas when nearly half of the graduating class pulled what they called a senior prank.

The video captured peanut butter, eggs, baby powder, cereal and trash all over the place.

Spray paint was on the walls.

Furniture was flipped over.

There was urine in a classroom, and crickets set free.

“They are going to have to learn they are accountable for their actions,” said Superintendent Michael Cox.

Cox called it pure vandalism and said surveillance cameras caught 34 seniors and several former students in the act.

“I’m afraid if we let this go on, and we don’t punish those students, next year`s class will try to outdo this year’s class,” he said.

As WREG first reported earlier this week, the school suspended all the seniors involved, banned them from Friday’s graduation, and the teens will likely face criminal charges.

Some seniors involved said the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

“It wasn’t nothing you couldn’t fix. It wasn’t like we went to school and just broke everything,” said senior Jamieon Anderson.

Some said they showed up to write “2016” with cups full of water.

That was the original plan.

They later texted their classmates asking what went wrong.

One student responded, “Water in cups was lame. If you gone do a prank, F*** some s*** up.”

Several students went back to the school Sunday night and cleaned up the mess until 3 a.m.

They think the superintendent should take that into consideration.

“Every student that went in that building, that was unauthorized to be in that building, is accountable for everything that happened in there,” he responded.

Cox said he can either press misdemeanor or felony charges.

If there are no problems from now until Friday’s graduation, he’ll go with a misdemeanor charge and work out a deal where the students do community service.