Video shows man attack 2 teen girls in Whitehaven store, then smash car windows as they flee

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MEMPHIS, Tenn — Newly-released surveillance footage captures a man charging at two teenage girls before grabbing a metal pipe and allegedly beating them with it.

After a long morning of job hunting, sisters 18-year-old Annjalik and 19-year-old Terika stopped by the M&N Discount store on East Raines near Millbranch to pick up some snacks.

Video shows the girls speaking with the clerk when a man police identify as Edrick Hines approaches the counter.

“The guy basically rudely interrupted us and started basically getting loud and telling him, ‘Let me go on ahead and get out of here,'” Annjalik said.

The 18-year-old said she responded: “I was like that was so rude.”

She said the comments set Hines off. First, she said he let forth a barrage of insults, then turned violent.

Surveillance video shows the sisters walking toward the door when Hines lunges at one sister and the other steps in to defend her.

“We really had to protect ourselves and defend ourselves for our lives that day,” Annjalik said.

For almost a whole minute, the video shows merchandise flying around the store as all three slam into shelves.

“We finally let him get done with him and let him go. He leaves out the store and me and my sister, we politely cleaned up behind ourselves,” Annjalik said.

It was at that point the sisters said Hines retrieved a metal pipe from his car in the parking lot. A surveillance camera captures him walking inside with it. Once inside, the sisters said he attacked them with it.

A short time later, he can be seen in the parking lot with the pipe still in his hand. The sisters were in their car and the camera even shows them jumping the curb in their haste to get away.

“Not to be dramatic, but I really thought I was gonna lose my life,” Annjalik said.

But the sisters weren’t fast enough to save their car. Hines allegedly smashed out several windows before they were able to speed off.

“That’s a bad feeling for any parent, for any parent to see that your daughter had to endure something like that,” said the girls’ mother.

“Made me scared to go out without a weapon on me,” said Terika.

Hines was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, assault and vandalism.

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