Victims and their families find closure after addressing Golden State Killer in court

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Tuesday was a day many of the Golden State Killer’s victims have waited a long time for.

One of the victims told FOX40 she felt really good after addressing Joseph DeAngelo and the court.

“I thought about it for probably over a month, and last night I was still changing it,” said Kris Pedretti.

Pedretti said she has been waiting for her chance to address DeAngelo since she was 15 years old even though she didn’t know his name for decades.

DeAngelo admitted in June that in 1976 he broke into Pedretti’s home in Fair Oaks a week before Christmas and raped her, which is one of the more than 50 rapes DeAngelo has confessed to.

“He has to listen to each and every one of us. And every brave survivor there and their families all have something very worthy to say and it’s about time that he gets to hear it,” Pedretti said.

Now that it’s over, Pedretti said she feels better.

“Really good. I feel very empowered, I feel like, like I said, I did what I came here to do,” she said.

However, she said, it doesn’t matter to her if DeAngelo heard what she had to say or not.

“This wasn’t for him. This was for me. I really could care less if he heard it. I needed to say it, and I wanted to say it and I said it,” Pedretti said.

She said she’s glad all of DeAngelo’s other victims will also get their day in court this week, offering them advice.

“I would say speak up and give the blame back to the rapist. It’s not yours,” Pedretti advised.

The court heard similar stories and feelings from other victims Tuesday as well but not everyone held back their anger.

One woman showed DeAngelo her middle finger and told him he could “go straight to hell.”

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