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Collierville, Tenn. — A Collierville woman said she was a victim of electronic pickpocketing the day after Christmas.

Now she wants others to beware during the holiday shopping months as you get ready to tackle New Years sales in busy shopping malls.

She said beware of electronic pickpocketers, which are scammers with high-tech credit card readers that use radio frequency to get your credit card information without even touching your card, they just need to be close to you.

“It’s not a good feeling,” said Karen Reetz Thursday night.

Karen Reetz said she was simply returning her son’s Christmas gift to a Toys “R” Us when she believes she was hacked.

A reimbursement was made to her credit card and she thought the deal was done.

However an hour later, she got a call from her debit card company which told her a $503.00 purchase had been made with her card at a Toys “R” Us in California.

Strange? The case gets even stranger because Reetz said she never took the charged debit card out of her purse when she was returning her item.

“I really was thinking that’s really odd,” explained Reetz.

There were other charges on the card along with the $503, including $195.00 at Kroger and $125.00 at Chevron.

Her card was immediately cancelled.

“Which you know at this time of the year cause a bit of an inconvenience,” said Reetz.

We reached out to Toys “R” Us to see if they have had any reports of electronic pickpocketing before, but with the New Year holiday have not heard back.

Ultimately Reetz just wants others to be aware this is happening when you’re out during these busy shopping months.

“You know bottom line is if you let somebody get too close to you know potentially they could be scanning all your cards in your purse,” said Reetz.

There are ways you can protect yourself.

There are special sleeves you can purchase online that can wrap around your credit card, or you can also wrap them in aluminum foil.