Utility lines down in a Frayser family’s yard for weeks


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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People are still picking up the pieces from the last storm and the storm before that. It’s been weeks since high winds knocked utility lines down in a Frayser family’s yard.

They say they’ve called MLGW but haven’t gotten any help. We should mention it’s still unclear if these are power lines.

“I have babies and they cannot come outside, I don’t want them to touch the lines.” said Green. “I don’t want nothing to happen to my kids so I gotta leave them in the house, and they’re getting frustrated because they want to come outside.”

Frustration for a Frayser family after seeing multiple wires scattered across their yard and trees up rooted all down the 3200 block of Bigelow Street.

“I don’t know about lines, I just see lines and I don’t know about phone lines, power lines…I just know they’re in the yard,” said Green.

Frayser was one the hardest-hit areas after that power storm ripped through Shelby County three weeks ago.

“Trees falling everywhere just like a loud tornado maybe,” said Green. “A lot of people were trapped in their homes and couldn’t get out their driveway so we had got chainsaws, but no cleanup had been done.”

He told me he contacted MLGW and a crew came.

“They say Bell South is the responsible party for it,” said Green. “He said this one was a phone line, but he didn’t go in my backyard and look at my other wire that was down.”

“He just pulled off so I called them and they were like no, call MLGW so I called them back and they were like no…so it was just back and forth, back and forth,” said Green.

Green says his daughter’s birthday is July 3 and he has plans to throw her a party in their yard hoping things will be back to normal.

“If they can just get the power lines us and let my kids have their yard back, it would be perfect,” said Green.

MLGW says if you feel like you didn’t get the customer service you deserve from a crew member,  ask for their name and truck number so they can hold that person accountable. They also said they plan to have a crew come back out to double check if these are power lines.


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