UofM students, professors protest presidential election

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — “White supremacy is a disease.””Hate will never make us great.” “She had more votes.”

All signs by the Progressive Student Alliance on the University of Memphis campus Wednesday.

Their goal was to unite in solidarity against President-elect Donald Trump, racism, bigotry and sexism.

“Imaging all the people I know, people of color, queer people, I’m a queer person, trans people, just imagining what they were feeling… immigrants everything he said has been anti their identities,” said Lindsey Smith, the student organizer of the protest.

Several professors joined in on the protest including History Professor Dennis Laumann.

“I voted against him and I’m horrified that he’s going to be our president, and that maybe in our country it’s somehow going to be acceptable to be racists and sexist,” said Lauman History professor at the University of Memphis.

He went on to say those attitudes are the exact opposite of what the university stands for.

“It’s important for us to let people who support Donald Trump and support his racism and sexism, that you are the minority. The majority of us are oppose to it and we have to remain vigilant, protect each other and stand against that kind of hatred.”

Just a few feet away, counter protestor Cody Young told WREG he voted for Trump.

“I voted for Trump solely because I believe Hillary is that bad of a person. It’s more of a vote against her than for him.”

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