MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As the Tigers open practice for the upcoming season, prized recruit Mikey Williams is still missing.

On Wednesday, the U of M made its first public statement about the status of Williams, the four-star point guard who is facing six felony gun charges in San Diego.

“While Mikey Williams is enrolled in online classes at the University of Memphis and remains on the roster, he will not have access to team-related facilities or activities until his pending legal process in California is complete,” the University said in a statement. “The process to assess and determine his status with the team will be initiated at that time.”

After his team’s second practice of the year, Penny Hardaway continued to do what he’s done since Williams was arrested back in April and that’s continue to support Mikey through the legal process.

“We’re just supporting him. There’s no news that’s come out that makes us change our minds or think any differently,” Hardaway said. “However it goes, I’m going to have his back.”

Williams’ preliminary hearing, which has been postponed three times, is set for October 10th.