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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The University of Memphis is set to lead a six-university team whose goal is to expand sensor technology after receiving a massive $13.8 million grant.

Led by Professor Santosh Kumar, the team will be made up of the nation’s leading scientists from the University of Minnesota, Ohio State, Cornell, the University of Massachusetts Amherst and UCLA.

“This project further establishes Memphis as a national leader in mobile sensor research,” said Dr. M. David Rudd, UofM President. “Dr. Kumar and his impressive team of collaborators are again poised to make seminal contributions in this impactful area of research. It is quite an honor to be recognized at this level.”

In our daily lives, many of us use mobile sensors to track our health through wearable technology. The group aims to expand on that technology to evaluate a person’s job performance.

Data will be collected from 600 employees at different organizations around the globe and used to develop markers.

The results should help measure work performance, the university said.

The mPerf project is sponsored by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity’s Multimodal Objective Sensing to Assess Individuals with Context program.