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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two Universal Parenting Places opened their doors Monday.

The centers reported hearing from some interested parents, but there were not lines out the door on the first day.

“I haven’t spoken with anyone personally as of yet, but phone calls have come in,” said Site Director Veronica Brooks late Monday morning.

She said she was over the UPP at Knowledge Quest on College Park Drive.

The other location is at Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women on Humphreys.

“We’ve had phone calls, we’ve had appointment requests via the website, and we’ve also had folks walk into the center to ask us about our services. So we feel very excited,” said Baptist Women’s UPP Director Paige Marcantel.

No parents came by the sites during the short times WREG visited, but by 12:30 p.m., Baptist Women’s UPP made contact with almost ten parents in some way.

Marcantel said the questions ranged from postpartum depression, children in the middle-age-range, and how to deal with children who have ADHD or other kinds of emotional issues.

The site directors said UPP aims to be preventative, and they were certain the counseling rooms at their parenting centers would fill up soon.

“I do. I believe as long as we get the word out there and spread the word, we work with other community agencies and organizations. So, we’re building that relationship with them as well,” Brooks said.

The directors suggested parents check out their website or call the facilities.

The Baptist Women’s UPP may be reached at 901-227-9558.

Knowledge Quest’s UPP may be reached at 901-207-3694.