Uber launches new seat belt campaign

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NEW YORK — We've all seen dash cam video of what can happen when you don't buckle up in the back seat, but even with that only 57 percent of passengers buckle up in the back seat of ride hailing services like cabs, Lyft and Uber.

Uber riders CBS News Los Angeles talked to said they often just forget.

If I'm in the front seat I put it on because I know it's the law, but if I'm in the back seat I have to be honest I don't," said Shyaene Bernard.

"It's funny because when I'm in my own car I always put one on but when I jump in an Uber I don't always think about it and I don't always put it on,' confessed Linsey Rosenthal.

Uber just launched a new campaign to change that. Customers who book a trip now receive a message on the Uber app reminding them to buckle up.

"We want to do our part to create this new social norm where people automatically think to buckle up."

Uber's Nadia Anderson said passengers in the rear seat are three times more likely to die in a crash if they're not wearing a seat belt.

"For some reason people think when they sit in the back seat it's safer and for short trips they don't need to buckle up."

Uber driver Mauricio Terrazas likes the new campaign because he knows what can happen.

"In case of an accident they'll bounce around the car. Even if I'm buckled up the passenger could end up hitting me."

Driver's will also get messages on the app encouraging seat belt use something Terrazas already does.


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