Uber Eats driver allegedly robbed, carjacked on the job

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An Uber Eats driver trying to make some extra cash got a bunch of stuff taken from him instead. The driver, who doesn’t want to be identified, says it happened several weeks ago around 1 a.m. after he picked up an order from Ball Hoggerz Barbeque in Orange Mound.

He says he opened his passenger side door to put the food on the seat when somebody sneaked up behind him and hit him with a gun. He was then shoved into the car.

“I was just shocked.”

Police say the attacker was 19-year-old Nairobi Lyons. They don’t explain how they caught him or why, but claim he confessed to the crime.

“He reached into my pockets saying, ‘don’t do anything stupid or I’ll shoot you,” the Uber Eats driver said.

Lyons allegedly took the man’s wallet, phone and keys. He then told him to get out before speeding away in the victim’s car.

“I didn’t do nothing back to him, but to let him take what he wants,” the victim said.

Police found the car unoccupied downtown at the Crown Plaza hotel two days ago.

Lyons was arrested the same day, but police haven’t said where. He’s facing a long list of charges, including attempted first degree murder since he allegedly threatened to shoot the victim if he didn’t do what we wanted.

“He’s a bad person for doing that, and he’s wrong for it and I think he’ll get what he deserves,” the victim said.

The victim is still shaken by what happened but grateful to be alive.

“I’m glad he didn’t shoot me.”

He isn’t sure if he’ll drive for Uber Eats or any meal delivery service again. He says he’s scared to do it.

“There might be somebody out there waiting for you, watching for you or can harm you,” he says.

Lyons will face a judge in two days.

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