Two workers severely burned in fire at Memphis International Raceway

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shelby County fire investigators say two men were using a grinder to remove a lid on a barrel of fuel at the Memphis International Raceway Wednesday morning, when things went terribly wrong.

They say sparks from the grinder came into contact with residual fuel outside of the barrel. One victim was burned over 35 percent of his body. The second victim sustained injuries over 50 percent.

“They were in great pain. Our ambulance paramedics and EMT’s were able to start applying immediate high-level care, and we got them right over to the hospital,” Brent Perkins, with Shelby County Fire Department, said.

At last check, both victims were fighting for their lives. Unfortunately, this is not the first time first responders have been called to Victory Lane. In July 2019, there was a similar scene when a 55-gallon drum on the back of a truck caught fire.

Three victims were rushed to the hospital. A month later, there were four more victims who were injured in a chemical fire at the same location.

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