Two women carjacked, assaulted at Raleigh gas station

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police are investigating after two women were carjacked in the middle of a gas station parking lot Monday night.

The driver reportedly pulled up to a Raleigh gas station at James Road and Highland Street and left her friends in the car while she ran into the store to buy something.

“Just trying to wind down and do like teenagers do,” said Darryl Williams, whose 18-year-old niece Enya was in the car.

Police said seconds later, two men ran up to the vehicle and pulled both girls out the car by their hair.

Video of the attack remains in the hands of investigators.

“Cowardice. It’s cowardice for them to be males, anyway,” Williams said. “Why you got to pull a child’s hair, girl’s hair out? And all that for one thing. Y’all don’t need to be carjacking and get a job.”

Police said the young woman driving the car could only watch as the men sped away in her Toyota Corolla.

“It’s unprecedented, the way they do now,” Williams said.

Investigators said the same Corolla was used hours later to plow into the Ace Cash Express on Frayser Boulevard. The City Gear next door was also damaged.

“No morals, no morals,” Williams said. “By any means necessary, I guess they trying to get what they want.”

Investigators haven’t said if anything was taken from the stores, and there was no sign of the suspects when police arrived.

“There’s no such thing as fast, quick money. You’ve got to get out by the sweat of your brow and earn your money,” Williams said.

Williams believes those carjackers have earned a trip to jail, and he hopes police catch them soon.

“Next time it might not come out as favorable as it did for my niece,” Williams said.

He’s grateful his niece and her friends are alive.

“They able to live and tell their story,” Williams said.

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