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BOSTON — Boston Mayor Marty Walsh was not happy, and some said he had every right to be. That’s because two valuable pieces of art suddenly vanished from the Boston Public Library. CBS reported an engraving by Albrecht Durer and an etching by Rembrandt both went missing. The President of the Library, Amy Ryan said she hoped they had simply been misplaced. Walsh however wasn’t buying it. “It’s been misplaced for anywhere from six months to a year. You don’t misplace $600 thousand pieces of art. I’m not happy about it and wish it came to light soon,” he told CBS News. Boston police were called about the paintings on April 29, but soon discovered they had been missing since April 8. Whether stolen or misplaced, Walsh called for an increase in security. “I know we do have cameras in the library,” Walsh said. “It’s an ongoing investigation on one hand. On the other hand we have to tighten up security to make sure we protect the assets we have.” According to reports, the Durer etching was called Adam and Eve. A similar painting was recently sold at auction and fetched a hefty $600 thousand. The Rembrandt was a self-portrait valued at $20 to $30 thousand.