Two Tennessee men accused of preying on children arrested by Hernando police


Tony Amargot, and Kyle Prewitt

HERNANDO, Miss. — Two Tennessee men were arrested after police say they used the internet to meet up with minors for sex.

Tony Amargot, 32, and Kyle Prewitt, 22, were charged with enticement of a minor for sexual puposes after their arrests on Friday, September 18. Both men reportedly traveled from different parts of Tennessee to meet the children.

Hernando police have arrested 25 people accused of preying on children as part of a months long investigation.

Chief Scott Worsham encouraged parents to monitor their children’s social media accounts.

“Parents…. we can not stress enough the importance of monitoring your children’s social media accounts,” said Worsham. “We will continue to make these type offenses a priority for the protection of our children. Please help us by monitoring your child’s social media and alert us of anything suspicious.”

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