Two teens, adult accused in gun incident at Manassas High

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A 20-year-old and two 16-year-olds were taken into custody Monday after a school officer at Manassas High School said they refused to leave the property, and police say one of them had a gun.

The officer said he saw the three suspects at the back door of the school around 2 p.m. and asked them to leave. Once school let out, a large crowd began walking toward them, and they took off running down the street, police said.

When the school officer noticed one of them put a black handgun in his waistband, he took all of them into custody. The weapon turned out to be a Glock BB gun, police said.

Jatovi Brewer, 20, faces trespassing charges and was taken to 201 Poplar. Police said he doesn’t attend the school. One of the juveniles, who allegedly had the gun, was taken to Juvenile Court while the other was issued a summons.

“Parents need to lock the guns. If they got guns, lock them up,” neighbor Kattie Watkins said.

In January 2019, police say four teenagers drove a stolen car to Manassas High and shot out the windows of a school bus. A driver was on board at the time, and thankfully was not hit.  Also, at the end of 2018, two brothers were arrested for bringing a gun to the school.

Shelby County Schools has not responded to a request for comment.

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