Two state lawmakers show unity after racial joke


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A racially charged joke from a state lawmaker is leading to two lawmakers sending a message of unity.

Representative Mike Carter made an inappropriate joke towards Memphis Representative Joe Towns Jr. during a committee meeting on Tuesday.

“I sincerely apology to you and all of my colleagues. And more importantly, to the citizens of Tennessee,” Carter said

Towns spoke on the matter, offering perspective before addressing Carter’s comment.

“Today is a topsy turvy kinda day. And there’s so much going on in this country, there’s so much going on here in last week,” Towns said. “We have to mind our words.”

Towns took a few minutes before choosing to forgive Carter and hugged him.

“Black men and white men got to get together and get this thing fixed. Black men and white men: the world is waiting on it. And it’s not going to happen any other way,” Towns said.

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