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GREENWOOD, Miss. — A brother and sister were killed and eight more people injured in a shooting following a funeral in Greenwood, Mississippi over the weekend. Police are looking for the gunman.

Greenwood Police said they received a call about 11 p.m. Saturday night that multiple people had been shot in the 400 block of West Martin Luther King Drive.

Witnesses said a group of people was standing outside the home following a funeral when someone opened fire. Bullet holes were found in the home and two vehicles.

Police said the victims were Myra Byrd, Deborah Sutton, Maurice Collins, Laquandra Pitts, Keyasia Pitts, Aiya Pitts, George Walker, Fornika Pitts, Katrina Pitts and Jonathan Pitts.

Jonathan Pitts, 42, and Katrina Pitts, 41, were pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Deputy Chief Marvin Hammond said the weapon is believed to be an AR-15 type assault rifle. No motive is known.

“It’s heartbreaking,” said Eddies Timmons, who owns the house. “You see blood imprints on the ground, they on the steps, on the porch.”

Timmons said there was a family gathering there Saturday after Katrina and Jonathan Pitts buried their grandmother.

“You know, after you have a funeral, people come by and eat and drink and all those out in the yard celebrating, just having a family time together, and this is the end result of it,” he said.

Timmons said he’s best friends with the father of the murdered siblings.

“It’s just a tragedy and my heart is heavy knowing that my friend done lost two of his kids,” Timmons said. “He had one daughter and four sons, so one son is gone and his daughter is gone.”

Anyone with tips is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.