MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two men accused of being involved in a Whitehaven shooting that left one person dead and ten others injured have been released from jail.

Both men walked out of 201 Poplar after being released on bond. It’s a move drawing mixed reactions from many in the community.

Thursday, a Shelby County judge agreed to lower the bond of alleged Live Lounge shooter Ladarious Marion.

The decision came after his attorney Leslie Ballin gave Judge Karen Massey footage of the shooting, he said showed his 21-year-old client acted in self-defense.

“I’m glad he’s released. It easier for me as an attorney to represent somebody on release status,” Ballin said

“From what I’ve seen, your client wasn’t the instigator of anything,” Judge Karen Massey said.

Ultimately, 11 people were shot. One person died as a result of the shooting.

Investigators also charged Julius Freeman with facilitation. Before both men bonded out, one of the victims’ family members expressed concern.

“That’s wrong. They need to keep it up because, Justice. Right is right. Wrong is wrong,” the woman said.  

Under Shelby County’s new bail system, a person’s finances can factor into the bail amount being set for a defendant. This is a move Ballin says he agrees with.

“This is something that I think is good for the system. It will cut down on unnecessary detention of those who couldn’t afford even low bonds. It will save money for the system,” Ballin said.

While the new bail system went into effect under district attorney Steve Mulroy, a spokesperson for his office said they are against a bail reduction in this case.

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“The DA’s office does not set bail amounts or determine pretrial release. We opposed the bail amount reduction in this case but recognize that the judge had reasons for the decision,” the District Attorney’s Office said.

Both men are set to appear in court next month.

Memphis Police are still searching for a third person possibly involved in the shooting.