Two men arrested for multiple store robberies

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two men are spending their Thanksgiving weekend behind bars for taking part in several robberies across the city of Memphis.

Zakari Greig and James Donegan are both charged with aggravated robbery for separate cases, but their history of theft doesn't end there. In fact, WREG found the men may have been working together for a while.

"I worked 63 hours last week," said Sahmere Ervin, who was shopping on Black Friday. "People that rob and steal, I really have no sympathy for them."

Ervin is like every other shopper out on the roads this weekend. He said after  working more than 60 hours last week, he was ready to cash his check.

"I'm about do some shopping right now," he said. "There's a lot of money floating around."

Unfortunately, not everyone is looking to make an honest living.

Memphis Police said Greig robbed a Subway and GameStop on Winchester at gunpoint. In GameStop surveillance footage, a man can be seen going through the cash register and swiping it clean.

He ended up getting away with nearly $1,200 from both businesses.

Court documents show Greig confessed to investigators that he took part in at least seven different armed robberies across the city of Memphis with an accomplice: Donegan.

Donegan is also charged with aggravated robbery for the GameStop heist.

"People that can't get out here and work for it, whatever the consequences that they take on doing what they do, they should receive them," Ervin said.

WREG found this isn't Greig's or Donegan's first time going on a stealing spree.

Memphis Police said last week that Donegan had multiple warrants for aggravated robbery.

Greig was found guilty of shoplifting last year but only served 16 days of his almost one-year sentence.

"Its' very offensive to us, especially when we are taxpayers, and we work extremely hard, and someone just takes the things that we earn and work hard for," shopper Tyrany Perry said.

Both men are charged with two counts of aggravated robbery and are expected to be in court Monday.


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