Two Men Accused of Stealing $40,000 in Car Parts From Their Employer

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(Memphis) Two men are out of a job and in jail for allegedly stealing from their employer.

For six months, police say two employees worked together to rip off a Memphis company and pad their pockets.

It was only a matter of time before they were caught.

“You are biting the hand that feeds you,” said Lisa Dodson.

She is trying to figure out why her neighbor and one of his co-workers would steal more than $40,000 worth of car parts from the Rayloc Corporation, their employer.

“You don't steal from anybody, least of all your employer,” she said. “That is your bread and butter. You take from him, it makes people wonder.”

Thursday, Memphis Police arrested James Scott and Neamiah Frazier for stealing $44,213.43 worth of starters, compressors and alternators.  Investigators say the crimes stopped in June, but aren't saying why it took so long to make the arrests.

The men basically sold the metal for scraps, walking away with only $3,011.To sell the metal, Scott had to provide a thumbprint and I.D. It's a system to stop these kinds of thefts.

“So I guess we're just logging it as he came in, until eventually it caught up with him,” said Dodson.

Police say the two confessed to the crime.

Dodson knows times are tough and money is tight, but she says stealing isn’t the answer.

“Anyone else who is doing that, you don't need to do that,” said Dodson. “We are all in a financial bind and things can overwhelm you, but you've got to find a different way. There is always a different way.”

Police say a third person helped Frazier and Scott steal from this company, but he is not in custody yet.

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