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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two women old enough to be grandmothers are locked up for prostitution and their ages might surprise you a bit.

According to police documents, 52-year-old Sheila Taylor and 60-year-old Urelene Vaught were arrested in an undercover prostitution sting in North Memphis on Hollywood.

People who live in the area said unfortunately it’s a constant problem.

Hollywood is a main thoroughfare through North Memphis.

“Every day! Every night! Every day!” said John Hunter.

Hunter has lived in his North Memphis home on Gentry off Hollywood for years.

That’s the area police say they picked up Taylor for prostitution.

According to an affidavit, an undercover officer stopped and asked if she was working.

The decoy said Taylor agreed to solicit herself for $20.

A few blocks away on Hunter, undercover officers had the same MO, but this time they nabbed Vaught.

Hunter said prostitution in the area is something he sees on a regular basis and said age isn’t a factor in the crime.

“It doesn’t matter.”

On Thursday, police agreed and said prostitution doesn’t have an age attached to it and drugs often play a factor.

Officers wouldn’t say how often but said undercover decoys will randomly make busts.

How many arrests they get often depends on how many officers are working and how long they stay out.

They said in some cases  up to 40 arrests can be made at a time.

“That’s really, really bad. Especially next to a school,” said Ebony Burnett.

This undercover job appears to be a smaller one but it still shocked Burnett.

Solicitation, right down the street from Springdale Elementary, where her six-year-old son goes to school.

She also lives down the road.

“It’s very shocking. I don’t come outside much but I see police come outside all day long,” said Burnett.

As common as the problem might be, Hunter is still hoping for the best.

“It’s gonna help somebody. It’s gonna help somebody. Somebody’s mama not gonna be out there, somebody’s daughter or somebody’s son.”

WREG checked and both suspects have an extensive history of prostitution arrests.