Two Memphis men hit by baseball bat attacks


Neil Wadlington lies in a bed after he was attacked by a stranger with a baseball bat in Midtown. (submitted photo)

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two men both say they were both beat up with a baseball bat by an unknown man on Memphis streets, just a few weeks apart.

Neil Wadlington lies in a bed after he was attacked by a stranger with a baseball bat in Midtown. (submitted photo)

Neil Wadlington and Phillip Jones have known each other from working at the same bike shop. Both are lifelong Memphians.

Wadlington says he was attacked on Madison while riding his bike to do an errand near his Midtown home. He doesn’t remember much.

“I was just riding along. And the next thing I know, there are bystanders over me waking me up off the sidewalk in a pool of blood,” he said. “One bystander said, ‘A guy got out of the car and hit you with a bat.'”

The attack left him with serious injuries to his entire face, including a broken nose, cheekbone and tooth.

He says he never saw the person who did it.

“It’s keeping me from looking for work. I’ve had to turn down at least one job because I’m not supposed to bend over,” Wadlington said.

Jones says he was walking home from a friend’s house on Cowden when his attack happened.

“I instinctively took off running and going, ‘Whoa! Whoa!’ At the same time, he hit me atop my head,” he said. “Some young guy got out of the car with a baseball bat or something.”

Jones says he was able to run away and a neighbor helped him call police.

“It was a cut that required two staples,” he said of his head injury.

In both cases, the attackers did not steal anything.

“It was just a young guy. I’ve never seen the guy in my life. I don’t really know,” Jones said. “I’m just angry, disappointed.”

“I’m not really wanting to go out by myself anymore,” Wadlington said.

Anyone with information on the attacker can call Crime Stoppers at (901)-528-CASH.

A Gofundme account for Neil Wadlington’s medical bills has been set up here.

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